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Moments that set design in motion

Corso Interior Architecture was borne out of an observation and appreciation of existing interior spaces, often discovered and enjoyed while enjoying a dining experience.

On speaking about how his passion for design came to be, Joey Corso recalls sitting in these spaces and looking up with an air of wonderment of the possibilities.

It was an immediate interest and exploration into how things come together and how an idea can materialise.

“I love to go out and dine and experience things. I found myself looking around at materials, finishes and furnishings in restaurants or any commercial space, wondering how things go together. How they are put together. How they’re made. There was a bit of excitement in that for me.”

It was that interest that lead Corso to explore a career in design. First working with established and creative teams and designers before opening the doors to Corso Interior Architecture.

“I wanted to be able to express it in my own way and develop my own sense of design and skills,” said Corso.

“The whole build process and seeing it from start to end and coming together, that is what makes me tick every day and gets me excited to come here and work on our projects.”

Corso Interior Architecture has since grown into an Award winning design company, with Corso’s design team constantly pushing the boundaries for clients, always with a focus to work on budget and on time.

“It all started from looking around and wondering how things go together and being excited by the whole process. From an idea into something that’s really amazing.”


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