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Size 140m2
Location St Kilda
Completed 2016

Freddie Wimpoles is located on the ground floor of the iconic George Hotel, which was established in 1857 and is an important part of St Kilda’s history. The bar is named after Frederick Wimpole, who purchased the hotel back in 1873.

Approval was sought from Heritage Victoria to ensure the original condition of the site was maintained, and carefully planned construction methods were applied to mitigate damage to the existing building fabric. In collaboration with the owner the existing space was refurbished and now exists as a lively bar. Freddie Wimpoles offers patrons an evolving craft beer menu accompanied by New York style deli food.

The elongated bar wraps the dining space which is divided into smaller sections, offering intimate pockets for customers to sip cocktail’s with friends or enjoy a private dinner. The large central timber screen assists in separating the open space.

The hunter lodge style venue is adorned using recycled and salvaged materials, including a bar made from reclaimed doors and stair posts, as well as a wall lined with old beer cans.

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Commercial Interior

Freddie Wimpoles

interior design

Corso Interior Architecture



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