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Size 1450m2
Location Hawthorn
Completed 2018

The project is the second co-working offering from CreativeCubes.Co, which sees the application of progressive working ideals into a versatile 1450m space that offers meeting rooms, office space, a café, yoga, events and an outdoor area, all to stimulate the mind and allow creative concepts to materialise.

Split into five core areas, CreativeCubes.Co is a place with the need for highly visual, intuitive and imaginative creativity. It is a space that seamlessly folds into the environment, a conforming functional convenience with a disrupting modern approach. The acoustically treated central hub provides the visual and functional platform from which the building forms, allowing business to operate effectively and without interruption.

Commercial Interior

Creative Cubes Hawthorn

interior design

Corso Interior Architecture


Ting En Wong and Simon Shiff

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