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Size 2,000m2
Location Carlton
Completed 2021

This vibrant and sophisticated 2,000 sqm co-working space was designed by the team at Corso Interior Architecture and is situated across 2 levels with private and semi- private spaces throughout. Similar to the precinct which is filled with its sultry wine bars and cosmopolitan restaurants and theatres, Creative Cubes is a diverse space that appears to be a natural extension of the local area. With a spacious and relaxed lounge bar feel the team at Corso have transformed this once inner suburban supermarket and dated office building into a warm and inviting oasis, blending perfectly with the hustle and bustle of the lively suburb of Carlton.

A towering black spiral staircase with a modern stainless steel finish winds up through the ground floor to the first floor and draws the eye as a focal point in the room. The main boardroom situated on the ground level features a bold statement light pendant and the unique herringbone feature wall, complemented by European white wash oak walls. High quality goat hair carpets with simple, elegant and lineal designs are the floor coverings used throughout the meeting rooms. These cashmere carpets add a sense of cohesion and softness throughout the space with their simple yet elegant detail. The carpets are made from renewable natural materials that promote good room climate and serve as an ideal foundation for healthful living and working adding a luxurious feel to the space.

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Creative Cubes Carlton

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