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Size 100m2
Location Broadmedows
Completed 2019

Low lit, yet illuminated by scores of hanging spherical exposed lights, Barber Boss Kingz is an inviting space that entices men of all ages to indulge in the pleasure of receiving hair styling and personal grooming services. From haircuts, tattoos, piercings, face and nail grooming.

Customers can sink into the plush dark leather recliners, whilst sipping their double ristretto espresso as barbers get to work to create their new look. Surrounded by shelves draped with soft arches overflowing with of potions, products and elixirs, Barber Boss Kingz is comparable to a modern-day apothecary, dispensing potions, hair treatments and grooming products that appeal to men of all ages, eager to keep their hair, beards and bodies healthy and stylish.

The lighting and ambience of the space creates a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, a sense of abundance and warmth. The space helps to create deliberate slowness to ensure absolute enjoyment of the customer experience. Set on a corner within a shopping centre, this prominent site will not be missed.

Visit Barber Boss Kingz online.

Commercial Interior

Barber Boss Kingz

interior design

Corso Interior Architecture


Ting En Wong

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