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Corso Interior Architecture wins best commercial design at 2019 Polytec Melbourne Design Awards

Corso Interior Architecture has taken out the top spot at the prestigious 2019 Polytec Melbourne Design Awards, winning best commercial design for the creation of the second installation of, based in the urban hub of Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Following the award-winning design of the first space in Richmond, the team of designers at Corso Interior Architecture worked with Tobi Skovon to bring his LA inspired working philosophy to the urban hub of Hawthorn, applying progressive working ideals into a versatile 1450m space that offers meeting rooms, office space, a café, yoga, events and an outdoor area.

“The design of has been key to the success of the concept to date,” said Skovron. “We knew we needed something balanced and special so we contacted one of Melbourne’s leading design firms in this space, Corso Interior Architecture. Joey and the team just understood what we were trying to achieve.”

It is this balanced approach to the interior design process that has resulted in Corso Interior Architecture developing an end product that not only meets the brief, but sees the space constantly evolve to reflect the ever-changing community within the walls of these once dull and lifeless buildings.

Split into five core areas, the award-winning CreativeCubes.Co is a place that fuses the brain’s desire for analytical, orderly and methodical logic with the need for highly visual, intuitive and imaginative creativity.

It is a space that seamlessly folds into the environment a conforming functional convenience with a disrupting modern approach.

Natural light flows into each workspace, with a transitioning experience gained when flowing from the well-lit central spaces through the darkened arc hallway and into the softly lit yoga and meditative atmospheres.

CreativeCubes.Co is a space that allows for the re-invention of the typical co-working environment,” said Joey Corso. “It is a space of unexpected details that enhance the environment, with elements not ordinarily seen in interiors, embraced and highlighted. It is an immersive, fun experience while at the same time bringing structure, order and simply getting things done”.

“Our approach was to make sure that every desk and every workspace feels like it is important. Because that is what matters with this design, and we enjoyed bringing it to life.”

Corso Interior Architecture’s award-winning commercial design at the 2019 Polytec Melbourne Design Awards can be found at in Hawthorn, which is located at 600 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn.

The space offers co-working, private offices and shared office spaces, event space, meeting rooms, the Timber + Greens Café, Rebel Monk Yoga and Mindfulness Studio and Orange Theory Fitness.

For more information and insights on the award winning design, visit or contact the team at Corso Interior Architecture.


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